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Galaxi – Interactive Table Game

Role: Industrial Designer, Interaction Designer

Category: Group; partner: Varun Nambiar

Time: Nov 2016, 3 weeks


For this project, we modified an Ikea table and placed a monitor under the table top to create an interactive table.

We used processing and arduino to realize the interaction design.

Galaxi is an interactive table that could enhance connection between people.

The idea is to create a drinking game over everyday objects:

table and cups at a social setting to bring old/new friends together.

We are like lonely stars in galaxy,

the virtual connection doesn’t improve the quality of our lives;

instead, we need physical interaction with people, face to face.

One creates a visual and audio pattern
by tapping the bottom of the cup
to the connection spot on table

The other person needs to repeat
the same pattern using another cup.
If failed, drink!