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Role: Designer

Category: Group; partner: Neeraj Rao

Type: Service Design, Branding, Graphic Design

Time period: Oct – Dec, 2016

Experience design for the 5th mode of transport:


What can you do, when you can travel at a speed, that is even faster than airplane?

What service and business opportunities this enables?

What does autonomous driving mean to travelers?

Travel is not always delightful, especially those long distance ones. You know how much effort and painpoints you will encounter before, during and after the trip.


But with the new technologies, some of the process could be optimized,

and therefore, reducing user pain points.

After we interviewed with hyperloop engineering experts, international business travelers and Atlanta commuters, we found some opportunity space.

Mind Map  •  Journey Map  •   Business Canvas  •  Interviews  • Storyboards

What if, for long distance travel:

you don’t need to book tickets, check schedule for flights, or high speed trains; no need for check-in waiting; no more swiching transportation tools, no more luggages burden; no more car rental and parking problems!

Website and Mobile UI Design

Along with the logo, we chose black and LuxRed as the brand identity, for overall design guidance. The pod design and website, mobile app UI design are consistent through out process.

3 Tiers of Services Suits Needs for Various Types of Travelers

Hyperlux Uno: Daily Use

Hyperlux View: Trip on Demand

Hyperlux Xlusive: Premium Service

Hyperlux Commercial